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Support HB 3470 to cap Oregon greenhouse gas emissions

Urge Oregon legislators to pass HB 3470, the most important environmental protections since the days of Tom McCall When Tom McCall lived in the Oregon governorís mansion, the biggest threats to the state were wholesale development of rural lands and ordinary pollution. McCall led the fight to pass landmark legislation like Oregonís strict land conservation and development laws. Today Oregon and the rest of the planet are endangered by global warming and climate change, which are driven by greenhouse gas emissions. Oregon is already feeling the impact of climate change in the form of missing mountain snowpacks, more extreme storms, drought and catastrophic forest fires. Oregon has an opportunity to take effective action against climate change in the form of HB 3470, which is currently moving through the legislative committee process. This measure would cap statewide greenhouse gas emissions and eventually reduce atmospheric discharges to 75% of 1990 levels. It would cover all major industries and all important greenhouse gases, including CO2 and methane. A portion of the funds generated by a cap-and-trade permit system would be allocated to mitigate the economic effects of the program on low-income communities. In California, similar legislation passed in 2006 as AB 32 has proven effective in limiting greenhouse gas emissions as well as stimulating investments in renewable energy technologies and creating new jobs. California voters reaffirmed AB 32 in 2010 by a margin of 23%. To date, Quebec and Ontario have passed similar laws and joined Californiaís cap-and-trade program. Your signature on this petition confirms your support for HB 3470 and will encourage Oregon legislators to pass HB 3470 and Oregon Governor Kate Brown to sign it.

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